Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Announcement

Let's be honest. Since I've started this blog I've had roughly 2700 page views. In four years. Now the whole purpose of this blog was to make money. I've made .71 cents.
Now, my page views are growing at the pace of roughly 100/views a month. That's not that bad. But I want to increase my coverage, while keeping the cost to a minimum  While blogger has made great strides in improving and streamlining their posting system, it is still out going out of my way if I want to post a link or picture on here. When I'm posting reviews it is a pain because I have to hunt down pictures, or video of what I am reviewing. Facebook is an alt tab away and a few words away to posting it.

That's why I'm moving this blog to facebook. I'll post on here, but I'm not going to be updating it as frequently. Roughly once a month or so I'll post anything I don't want getting lost in Facebook's timeline.
You can like the facebook page here.
I am keeping twitter because twitter is am nazing.

Tis All.

Happy Trails


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